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Retro Classic Download Client

Download For PC (Lite & Full Client)

Type File Size Description Link
Google Drive (Link 1) 300 MB Google Drive Lite Download
Mediafire (Link 1) 300 MB Mediafire Lite Download
Direct Link (Link 1) 300 MB Direct Link Lite Download
Google Drive (Link 2) 3 GB Google Drive Full Download
Mediafire (Link 2) 3 GB Mediafire Full Download
Direct Link (Link 2) 3 GB Direct Link Full Download
Advice : For players who do not have the Ragnarok Online game, download the Full Client to install and Play.

Download For Android

Type File Size Description Link
Androind Download 3 GB Direct Server (Soon) Download
Androind Download 3 GB Google Drive (Soon) Download
Advice : Only available for Androind, iOS is not available. Once loaded and installed on your Androind system, you will need to load 2.2GB of the game file into the Androind device.

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